Attention Business Owners:

You Do Not Have To Pay Fees To Accept Credit Cards Anymore!
Yes I know it may sound too good to be true, but let me show you how it works. 

New laws allow you to pass all of your credit card processing fees to your customers & keep that money for yourself. Average added profit is around $6,000 or more annually! 

Do not skip over this information. It will cost you & your family THOUSANDS of Dollars!
Fees keep getting higher & higher. Why? Because the card issuers keep giving their customers more rewards to pay you with credit cards, and guess what?
  • You're paying for your customer's rewards!
  • You're paying for their cash back!
  • You're paying for their bonus airline miles!
The rules have changed & if you're not doing this program, you're literally throwing away your hard earned money in the trash. 

Why should you be forced to keep paying for those rewards?

Laws have finally sided with business owners, and now it's time for you to join the thousands of other owners already using this program!

Big Retailers like Starbucks and Costco are starting to do it in their stores

How Do I Get Rid Of The Fees?
You now have the option of charging a different price for cash vs. credit just like how you see at the gas stations offering 2 prices: one for cash, one for credit.  You are giving your customers an instant discount when they pay with cash. Gas stations started getting rid of their processing fees first, now you can too!
Cash Is King
You reward the customers for paying with Cash, and turn the old card fees into instant profits. 

How many more sales do you need to NET an extra $6,000+ per year? 

How would that money change your life?

If you're looking for a quick & easy way to instantly increase your profits, THIS IS IT!
Federal Trade Commission & 
Dept. of Justice  
Announce New Law:
The way it works is that you type in the price in the terminal & the terminal will automatically show both the credit & cash price on the screen at checkout. 

You'll get the full amount for every sale! 

(here's a sample below)

If you want a point of sale system that gets rid of the fees, we can get you one with no money out of pocket like the Clover system below

What's Needed To Do This?
A special Dual Pricing Ready Terminal or point of sale system & Two stickers (one for your front door & one for your register) stating that your displayed prices are discounted cash prices. That's it! 

(Check out the sticker below)
What Does It Cost To Start?

  • No Money Out Of Pocket To Start
  • ​No Contracts or Cancellation Fees
  • ​No Transaction Fees 
  • ​No Leasing or Renting Terminals 
  • ​No IRS/TIN Reporting Fees
  • ​No Interchange Fees
  • ​No PCI or Non-PCI Compliance Fees
  • ​No Annual Fees
  • ​No Junk Fees

Don't take our word for it. Hear it direct from some of our clients below enjoying the benefits of not paying the fees anymore

"I used to pay $800-$900 a month for my credit card fees, but now I don't pay anything. They even gave me a new credit card machine for free. I used the money to buy new equipment for my salon"
Graciela Lopez
 Gracielas Hair Salon 
"I thought my customers would be upset or complain, but so far everyone has been ok with it. That brought me an extra $58,000 of profit this year. That money really helped us because wages & expenses just keep going up"

Tony Zendejas
Owner Zendejas Mexican Restaurant & Bar
"When they first told me that I don’t have to pay the fees anymore, I said really? Sign me up! I'm now making an extra $1500/month without having to sell any more beer and sodas. It's been over a year now & I love it! I will never go back to paying fees like before"

Sang Tran
Owner Y & K Liquor Market
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